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This was a gift to remind me why I do what I do

On the

I received an email from a customer who had purchased one of my prints wanting to know the title of the painting. I replied simply, “On The Beach”. Their response was so moving I had to share it. This is what they wrote:

I bought this magnificent piece because I see in it the “Cuban Exodus” - seven dark shadows (refugees) in a queue, walking into the ocean – breaking away from the tyranny of Communism in Cuba and escaping to all the freedoms America has to offer – seeking alternative political and economic conditions outside their island. I see the Ten Years’ War and the struggle for Cuban independence since 1959.

Meanwhile, others accept their lot, and recline on the peaceful beach – basking in the sun and playing in the waves.

Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

The original “On The Beach” - Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, was painted for a dear friend as a wedding gift.

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